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Beat winter blues

Winter is extra cool this year - and you can be, too. Though often associated with blue, winter is all about red-hot pieces this year, both in accessories and outfits. That standard, thin puffer you wear? It just won’t do for 2022. Instead, throw on an oversized, bright red puffer that keeps windchill far away. For accessories, don a versatile red bag with fun details, like pleating and tassels.

While blues may be out, neutrals will forever be a winter staple, grounding daring outfits. A white knit bucket hat is a subtle statement: the color is muted, but the style is being worn by every It girl and celebrity. And no worries: winter will forever be sweater weather, so pull out those cream and beige layers.

And finally, footwear. For days when it’s pouring, secure a pair of black rainboots — they complement every color and pattern, and you can easily tuck pants and jeans into them for a polished finish to any rainy-day outfit. When inside, don’t resist a shoe made from comfy materials, like fleece or wool, to keep your toes toasty.

1. RxBShoes - Sheepskin Mules - Brown - $340

2. Kutnia - Embroidered Zeugma Mosaic Coat - $1,175

3. Oribagoo - Pleated Sac Bag - Red - $120

4. NoMad - Double Pearl Drop Earrings - $660

5. Shkoura - Hover Hat - White - $200

6. Homie - Roll Neck Sweater - $230

7. 404 Not Found - Deepfake Love Sweatshirt - $355

8. Xumu - Pucelle Remastered, Super Glossy Giant Puffer Coat - $780

9. Asomatav - Mock Turtleneck Sweater - Beige - $345

10. BySpirit - Tall Leather Lined Lug Sole Boots - $550

11. Jaquette - Margot Cat Coat - $605

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