Get En-Trenched This Fall

Originally designed for British officers fighting in the first World War over 100 years ago, the trench coat has since evolved into a wardrobe staple. It has been reinterpreted and remade by countless designers in every shape and fabric imaginable and is hailed as a true modern classic. The versatility of the trench - marrying comfort, style and function - makes it easy to incorporate into any outfit. Whether you need a classic trench or want a wearable statement piece for your closet, Clothia's designers have exactly what you're looking for:


404 NOT FOUND's beautifully tailored classic beige trench comes with a special and romantic twist - the back panel has a stamp with beautiful poetry. Read more about it here.


Womenson has designed this trench for the woman who wants it all... in the same garment.  Take off the sleeves for a long vest, unzip the hem for a short vest, or flipt it inside out for a bicolor black and olive statement. Add the sleeves back on for a military jacket, or keep removing the pieces until you are left with a slim, chic skirt.  Check out all the ways to wear it here.


Varvara designer Anastasia Makarkina incorporates the flora and fauna of her native Russia in unique prints.  The all over "Juicy Cranberries" print added to this classic trench coat provides extra visual interest for the Clothia girl looking for something a bit different, yet classic and extremely wearable.  Available here.


A completely original take on the trench by Aiken, this technical coat combines an old school trench coat topper with a sleek parachute-inspired body in the rich royal blue of Polynesian waters.  Dive in here.


Do you hail from a warm climate but still want in on the trench trend? Slip into this trench dress by Varvara that takes after the classic trench coat tailoring in this unique day dress, available here.

Whatever outfit you are creating today, there’s a way to add a trench coat - so go for it and enjoy your new fun outfits!



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