Jump into That Jumpsuit!

It's official - jumpsuits are on trend right now, big time.


Just browse your favorite fashion bloggers’ Instagrams, check out runway looks from luxury clothing brands like Miu Miu, or simply take a stroll through Soho. Whether you've loved jumpsuits your whole life, or avoided them like your worst nightmare since high school, they're definitely here to stay.

So, let the fashion bug bite you, and dive right in! With plenty of jumpsuit styles available, you're bound to find something you'll love 😀


To get started, decide between a classic boilersuit (hello denim lovers) or something a little more extravagant. Don't let us limit you - grab one of each if you want options 😉

If boilersuits are your jam, get one in pink - so delicious, trendy and head-turning! And very comfortable for a lot of activities, from shopping to walking to partying.

You can even make the jumpsuit work for the office, if you're sure that your boss won't faint at the comfiness of it all. Choose neutral colors like charcoal, white, or khaki for a very appropriate and formal take on this trend, and pair with pumps, a glitzy brooch or long earrings. For a more casual look, pair with flats or sneakers - but first, double check with a friend to make sure you haven't gone full-on plumber! And don’t forget to take a selfie before you head out 📷


When it comes to jumpsuits made of more delicate materials like silk, you might be tempted to question the practicality of the whole concept. After all, your waist and bottom won't have the extra layers of fabric coverage, so you'd better have the physique of a runway model... right? Wrong.

A high waisted jumpsuit with palazzo bottoms is super flattering on almost all figures! And if you pick a heavyweight, dense fabric, you'll be well-prepped for fall and winter - and layering with turtlenecks and sweaters.



Jumpsuits don't style discriminate when it comes to footwear, so go ahead and pair them with your weapons of choice, whether they be sandals, pumps, or sneakers. In colder months, you can opt for boots and wear wool socks to stay warm.

Pro tip: try wearing palazzo-style pants with heels, and narrower leg bottoms with sneakers or flats for matches made in heaven.

Are you ready to get yourself a couple of jumpsuits to ride this trend? It’s about time! Browse our store to treat yourself to a beautiful statement piece from talented, new fashion designers, approved and adored by the likes of Lady Gaga! ❤️

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