Meet Kreacija - Avant-Garde Jeweler

What's your name?

Мy name is Nadica, but my brand’s name is Kreacija which means Creation in the Macedonian language.


Where are you from?

The Republic of North Macedonia.


Describe your signature design style in five words.

Avant-garde, artistic, aesthetic, contemporary, handmade.


What's your biggest source of inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere around us! I am personally most inspired by architecture and cultural heritage - by everything that contains a story. I am also fascinated by garments with sculptural shapes and I often envisage the pairing of my jewelry with them.


Do you think true innovation in fashion is still possible?

Absolutely! Every new fashion season is to a degree similar and inspired by previous ones, but lately, new technology and innovations have been making regular appearances on the runway. I believe that the fearless thirst for development and endless possibilities are paving the way for true and unbridled innovation.


What role does the commercial aspect play for you? Does it limit your creativity?

To a certain degree, yes. I constantly monitor trends and try to design jewelry that can fit in with the present-day fashion, but I do not pulsate wholly in the rhythm of commerciality. What sometimes dampens my creativity is seeing the selective and powerful marketing of heavily commercialized fashion only.


What other art forms inspire your collections?

Sculpture, bas-relief, monumental edifices - these always command my attention. Art is a feeling, an inspiration, a form of imagination, and I transfer all of this into my jewelry.


Do you thrive off of spontaneity or careful planning?

I have always been a meticulous planner, even when there is no great need for it. I am not a spontaneous person - everything in my life has to go through the same process of planning and analyzing as my work.


How do you deal with creative blocks?

I experience them, fortunately quite rarely, and mostly as the result of some external factor. These blocks aren't imposed by me, but rather the environment of the society in which I live. Nonetheless, I keep following my dreams.


Are you a romantic person?

Yes, romantic trips are always good for renewing my creative energy, and feeding my courage for new beginnings.



Do you prioritize aesthetics or functionality?

Definitely unique aesthetics. It's important to me to differentiate my work from mass produced accessories.


Which fashion designer(s) do you have the most respect for?

Maison Margiela, Tom Ford and Jeanne Lanvin.


Are your designs connected with or inspired by your heritage?

Yes, my first collection Manzara was inspired by Ottoman art and architecture, particularly by the colors and monumentality of the Ottoman monuments of Macedonia's cultural heritage. Arches, domes, windows, pillars, circles, octagons, and bas-relief were all seen on the pendants in this collection.

My latest collection Golden Century also takes inspiration from Macedonian cultural heritage, but this time from The Gold Of Lychnis. This is a museum collection that represents a rich array of artifacts discovered at several archaeological sites in Ohrid, Macedonia, dating from the Archaic period, though to Medieval times.


Once you’ve mastered a certain style, is it difficult to continue evolving it?

I believe that only with a constant effort to evolve can one successfully climb the ladder of success. Each artist follows his or her style and develops it. Once that style becomes recognizable by a wider audience, it becomes a brand. Honestly, it is not difficult to nurture and develop a style, rather, the challenge lies in making it visible to an interested audience, something that requires a lot of work and time. 


If you had to invent a new color, what would it look like and what would you call it?

It would be a light coral - a mix of the Pantone Vibrant Yellow and Living Coral.



Do you work better alone or on a team?

A lot of time passes between design and production. I currently hand make every piece, so I have full concession to make the changes needed along the way to create the piece of jewelry initially envisaged. This also means that I need to juggle product creation with the graphic design of my collection catalogues, as well as sales, marketing, and the design of my web site. I haven't worked on teams in the past very much, but an idea I have for this summer involves a project with a team of designers. 


If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?



Do you have any rituals when starting a new design?

No. Every time I am inspired, I immediately enter my atelier to start the production process. 


What's your favorite month or season?

Because I quite enjoy having long walks in Spring or early Autumn, April and September are my favorite months of the year.  


If you could collaborate with anyone in the world on a new collection, who would it be?

The fashion house Marni! Their design and style has fascinated me for years.



What is your spirit animal?

The tiger. In the kingdom of spirit animals, the tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. It symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and the courage to trust yourself.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

While I have my morning coffee, I always write down my plan for the day on a piece of paper. I always have some looseleaf with notes in my pockets - I don’t use my phone or a bound notebook in the morning ☺


What is one thing you can’t live without?

I definitely would not be able to live without love. 


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I wish I could move at the same speed as my thoughts…. many of my fantasies would come true if I had this superpower!


Check out Kreacija's new collections here

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