Meet Repainted - Lightness, Positivity and Some Sun


What's your name?



Where are you from?

Rome, Italy.


Describe your signature design style in five words. 

Sustainable, atrisanal, refined, couture, made in Italy.


What's your biggest source of inspiration? 

My stylistic research has always been inspired by art and natural wonders that surround us. For this reason, each collection has its own inspiration and the names of the patterns always refer to the city where the elements depicted on it are found.

The 2020 collection is dedicated to India, the precious embroideries of the saris of the women in Dheli shine in the turquoise tones of this enchanted city. The marble decorations of Agra tell the splendor of the lotus flower in its most refined shades. The Bengal albino tigers remind us of how fragile and enchanting the nature around us is and how necessary it is to protect it, to prevent it from becoming extinct.

Jaipur and Udaipur are respectively called the red city and the white city, famous for their royal palaces of the Maraja where snakes were considered sacred animals capable of enchanting and seducing.



Do you think true innovation in fashion is still possible? 

Certainly. And Repainted is the proof, sustainability and innovation blended perfectly to create timeless garments. All our creations guarantee greater durability over time thanks to the technically performing fabric that comes from the recovery of plastic materials collected in the sea. In addition, the study of the silhouette is dedicated to enhancing the physicality of women while the patterns kidnap our fantasy by telling us about a wonderful journey in enchanted countries.


Do you prioritize aesthetics or functionality? 

To create a collection, it is essential to combine aesthetic value with functional value, especially if we talk about beachwear and clothing. We live in an era where we are inundated with infinite possibilities of choices, and for this reason I am firmly convinced that in order to be successful, our values ​​must be merged to find the right compromise that justifies the purchase of one garment rather than another.

First of all if we talk about beachwear, as well as clothing, we need to feel comfortable with what we bring, for this we dedicate a large part of our work to the study of the silhouette. Then we need to choose easy care garments since we no longer have so much time to choose an outfit that is difficult to care for, to iron or to wash in a difficult way, because this would also limit our possibilities to wear it. For this reason all Repainted garments can be washed by hand - they dry immediately thanks to the yarn technology, and above all they should never be ironed.

In addition to the practicality of use, the aesthetic part remains obviously essential, so prints have a key role. I personally design and study them, with the ultimate goal that all our customers have not only a fabulous piece of clothing on, but we also prioritize the values ​​such as sustainability and made in Italy!



Which fashion designer do you have the most respect for? 

Before starting my brand, I had the privilege of working for big names in fashion that inevitably marked my artistic and professional path. I am very thankful to Stella McCartney, for having left me her values of sustainability, for the cleanliness of the shapes and for the refinement of the lines. And Valentino for teaching me the refinement, the rigor of elegance and the power of a brand's heritage.


Do you work better alone or on a team? 

I am deeply convinced that the power of reality of any nature is inevitably the union of multiple synergies. We are not lonely humans, we are families, we are teams, we are the leaves of the same tree that can intertwine to form the best of the branches. The work of the printers who check every single meter of fabric, the commitment of the seamstresses who sew and cut my garments in unison with a motherly love is something that remains alive in our products and I hope it reaches the end customer.


If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

In this complicated period in which we have faced such a fierce global pandemic we have lost our basic habits. For this reason, although I am an avid traveler and have always used my free time to travel, if I could now I would only choose to go and embrace all the people I miss and can't see. The sincere embrace of those who love you remains the most powerful means we have to ward off all fears.




What is your favorite food? 

I am Italian, and for this reason food is my passion and my life, I love cooking because it allows me to give an outlet to my creativity and by combining new flavors and colors my imagination grows. But remember that cooking needs to be in strict control, as well as fashion! I say yes to the creative aspect and inventions, but I always keep the proportion and taste!


What's your favorite month or season? 

Summer, without a doubt. For this reason I decided to make a line mainly dedicated to this time of year. Being able to undress also represents for me a desire to be able to get rid of the superfluous, to abandon the weights and layers that we have carried on our shoulders, and to expose ourselves to the sun even at the cost of burning ourselves. This is how life should be approached, with lightness, positivity and a little tan!



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