Pleats & Thank You

Feeling the need to rotate out of those well-loved boyfriend jeans, white t-shirts, and sneakers? Treat your wardrobe to some new pleated pieces featuring chic folds, ruffles, and airy textures for a touch of feminine elegance.


Pleating, Issey Miyake’s signature style, has found its way into everything from skirts and tops to accessories and shoes. Every season, pleating techniques get more and more innovative, with designers using them to accent sleeves, shorts, and even leather handbags. Their subdued nature makes for perfect notes in a well-rounded sophisticated and upscale look. 



Do you consider yourself an adherent to classic styles?

Begin with a pleated skirt, but don’t limit yourself - you have options. Go for a long skirt, midi or even mini, depending on the weather and your personal taste.


Feeling a little more adventurous, but not sure where to start?

You can covertly introduce less standard pleats to your collection with a simple shirt featuring pleated cuffs. Don't stop there... try on that tunic with back-only pleats that you've had your eye on. Or maybe even those wide pleated trousers for a tongue-in-cheek look - we approve!


Summer sandals with a pleated upper can be paired with your favorite lounge pieces and will give your "ordinary" outfit a little extra (in the best of ways).

To complete your look, don’t forget about hair accessories - a contemporary pleated barrette can add spice to even the most casual of outfits.


Bonus round: if you are into lightweight long cardigans, treat yourself to a pleated variation on that theme this Summer. On windy days, it'll feel like you've grown a magnificent set of wings (actual flying mileage may vary)!

This season, go ahead and use pleats as an inspirational starting point: combine and play with them to create unique and personal looks that you'll love ❤️

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