Due to current geopolitical situation, fulfillment of all orders from Russia and Ukraine is halted until further notice.

Our Story

What is Clothia?

Clothia is an online destination featuring an exclusive collection of wearable statement pieces from emerging, international designers. Our team is continuously on the lookout for fresh, international brands, so we can give our customers access to a revolving selection of covetable, high-quality, well-priced clothing and accessories that aren’t otherwise available in U.S. boutiques and ecomm sites.

What does the site offer consumers?

Clothia marketplace offers women in America access to wearable statement pieces from emerging, international designers. Our team scouts independent brands whose clothing and accessories are well manufactured, and aren’t currently available in U.S. boutiques or ecommerce sites. Because of this, we’re able to provide style-savvy consumers with unique, “conversation starter” pieces that encourage self-expression and individuality.

Furthermore, while social networking technology allows us to connect to people around the world, international ecommerce and shipping is still a big challenge for many small brands. By providing these designers with a robust social ecommerce platform and handling shipping logistics, we’re enabling them to reach this key market of American consumers.

What makes Clothia unique?

Clothia marketplace is an online destination focused specifically on wearable statement pieces from international designers. While there are plenty of options out there for high-end luxury clothing, trendy fast-fashion pieces and your essential basics, we see an opportunity to focus on those special, individualized garments and accessories that allow women to express themselves. Our collection is curated with products that can make statements in a woman’s everyday life.

What is your story?

Our founder, Elena Silenok, noticed that her friends would always ask about her purchases from around the world. Since most of these items came from small designers who didn’t have websites but wanted to grow and expand internationally, Elena decided to create an online destination where they could reach the US audience.